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Episode 3 "Haven"

As the Group got away from the sickly outpost, the two men found a overran carrage with a group of looters going though what was left of the vehicle. As the Group approached the looter grabbed what valuables they could and started to run attempting to get away, but the Paladin decided to speak to what classified as a leader of the looter.
This looter looked raw and beat up from a life a strive, wasn’t afraid of these armed and armored men, as his life was one of pain. But the man didn’t know anything worthy of the groups time, all he wanted was what little of value he found on this wreck. The looters left soon after, as the group organized the dead, they soon found that these dead men were a knightly order. Hidden in a secret compartment in the Aft of the Carriage was a set of weapons made for mounted warriors, as well as some specialized bolts that they later found out was of Dwarf construction.

The Group eventually found the town of Haven, this small town was attacked by raiders who were much more organized than what is normally expected of raiders. Siege weapons, Armor Piercing bolts, everything used to engage a town guard effectively. In this small town a small Chapter of Knights, who called themselves the “Free Knights of Holy Defense” had taken over the small Keep that was once used by the Nobility of the area in yesteryears. In the end, the Players sided with the Knights, investigated the traitors who once called the Knights brother, and a slimy Knight who betrayed everything for a few gold coins. A Squire from the Knighthood now joins the men as they travel West toward the city of Krill a large Capital city.


Every year someone somewhere is going to do something someone else is not going to like. That is what causes so many issues with man, but it’s not just man who does this. Mankind is always going to find something to argue about and that is what this is about, mankind and how we deal with our problems with other members of our species.
Once long ago, mankind had developed a powerful magic, called an anigram, this singular magic was made to help man, to heal the sick, mend the bones of the weak, this magic was however easy to come by and again, easy to manipulate. Sadly mankind has always been a corrupted thing and some men who were less then honorable began to change and make some of this magic into horrible weapons of war.
War was a factor in mankind that will never change, these magic devices just make it so much easier to wage war on a much larger scale.


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